Story Of The Forest

Featuring flowers, plants, and animals native to Singapore and its region, Story of the Forest has turned the Glass Rotunda of the National Museum of Singapore into a mesmerizing digital art piece.

The large-scale installation consists of a drum-shaped space with a domed ceiling 15 meters high, with a bridge spanning across the dome and a 170 meter passage that continues on from the bridge and down to the base of the drum. The dome ceiling showcases the infinitely expanding universe where the flowers of Singapore bloom and change over time. Crossing the sky bridge through the falling flowers of the dome, visitors descend down the passageway through a vast interactive forest inhabited by the animals of Singapore. As visitors proceed, the forest changes from morning to night. The forest also changes in accordance with the dry and wet seasons of Singapore. On re-entering the base of the dome, if visitors stand still while close to the wall, an area of ground emerges, a forest rises up, and animals appear.

The artwork is depicted in real time by a computer program. Previous visual states can never be replicated, and will never reoccur.

Using the app “Story of the Forest” allows visitors to obtain information on animals that appear in the forest. They can create their own encyclopedia of animals that they encounter, and via their smartphones they can enjoy sharing the experience, and also impressions of the forest, whilst challenging their friends to compete to acquire knowledge of the forest!

Reference :


  • Unity (Built as iOS, Android native plugin)
  • Amazon Web Services (S3)


Holding period : December 10 (Sat), 2016 – Location : National Museum of Singapore 93 Stamford Road, Singapore 178897 Presented by : National Museum of Singapore, National Heritage Board