Stroke of Life

This work consists of a 15m diameter circular lighted rink, and a cylinder at a height of 20m (D7m x H14m) that consists of a collection of light points.

When people stand on the rink, Spatial Calligraphy is drawn in three dimensions in the rink. As the calligraphy is drawn, it gives birth to life such as flowers, birds and butterflies. The flowers that bloom change throughout the year. Simultaneously the calligraphy appears in the cylinder as a three-dimensional light sculpture of brushstrokes.

teamLab has been working on the Spatial Calligraphy series since the collective was formed. Spatial Calligraphy is a new interpretation of traditional Japanese calligraphy reconstructed in three-dimensional space, expressing the depth, speed and power of the brushstroke.

The work is rendered in real time by a computer program, it is neither a prerecorded animation nor imagery on loop.The work as a whole is in constant change; previous states will never be repeated and can never be seen again.

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  • Unity