Waterfall Droplets, Little Drops Cause Large Movement

Many water droplets fall and flow down into a deep “graffiti nature” valley. The water droplets then trickle down into the world below.

If there is one droplet of water it bounces up and down like a ball. If you scoop up the water with your body and collect it together, it will flow and act like liquid water. If the droplets overflow and separate from the larger body of water, they will also act like single droplets and bounce around like balls again.

Each droplet, whether a single droplet, or gathered into a larger body, will have the exact same simple physical movement, but when gathered into a particularly larger body, this will lead to a phenomenon that you would never have imagined when you were dealing with single droplets.

Reference : https://www.teamlab.art/w/droplets/




  • Unity
  • Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics